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Our AI system is designed to increase ad pricing and eCPM. It continuously segments and analyzes data to determine optimal pricing. Our proprietary system offers Publishers 30% to 150% more revenue.

Ad system

Currently our system is capable of working with Adx, SpotX, AOL and Adsense. However, this is just the beginning of our network; 6 more large networks will be added to our system by the end of the year.

Machine learning

In order to systematically maximize our customer’s revenue our data science team is constantly working to improve our machine learning system.


Game Distribution

We work with game developers to distribute their games across our platform. Website owners embed games from our platform onto their websites thus cultivating an audience and giving games on our platform a wide reach. With a single API integration developers access game analytics, distribution, and in-game monetization. If you’re a talented HTML5 developer looking to monetize your portfolio; we can help.


We offer high quality cross platform games. Engage your users and monetize by publishing our games on your website.

Game developers

We help game developers distribute and monetize their games. Maximize the reach and revenue of your game now!

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Tubia offers walkthrough video’s to gaming publishers, for free. Many gamers seek out helpful tutorials and videos to help them when they get stuck in a game. We facilitate this and create helpful content that helps gamers beat their favorite web games! By embedding our video walkthroughs on your website, you can not only help your users beat a difficult part of a game, but also increase your revenue and user engagement.

High Revenue

Increase site revenue by 40% and benefit from the highest eCPM in the market amongst other competitors.

Comprehensive Statistics

Access real time reporting for your games with easy to read data on a per website and country basis.

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Team Members

Erol Erturk
Responsible for setting the company vision, running marketing and customer releation management.
Cosku Bas
Director of Ad Operations
Responsible for customer implementation and revenue management. Additionally, implementing and reviewing data structures and machine learning.

Our System Has


games which are being played by our users.


domains that are served through our system; engaged via Matrix, game distribution and video content.


partners have increased their distrubution channels as well as their revenue.


videos that are being distrubuted throughout our system and served on our customer's portals.


Ilya Agron CEO, Co-Founder at Funtomic
Our portals are using the advantage of game distribution and also video games. It has tremendous added value to our system. But also running matrix system on top of this help us to close the circle in gaming industry. Perfect products and support.

Daan Boekestein Head of Products at "OrangeGames"
Since we have started using the Matrix, our revenue has genuinely increased. Working with the expert team at Tunnl not only helped on the revenue side but also helped us to better understand advertisement systems. Thanks again for the cooperation!


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